For the past year, I have had people put a marshmallow on a golf ball, hit the ball with a wedge and then catch the marshmallow in their mouth. It has been serious fun with lots of laughs all over the country.

There have been instances where the media showed a short clip or posted a picture. That was taken to a whole different level when young Jordan Spieth consented to try the shot during the Byron Nelson Youth Clinic sponsored by Under Armour. I knew the 200 plus kids in attendance would love seeing him try and catch the marshmallow in his mouth. I also knew IF he did pull the shot off, everyone in attendance would go absolutely nuts. I was right.

Earlier in the day when Jordan and I spoke about the format of the youth clinic, he said it would be fun to include his caddy Michael Greller in a shot if possible. The marshmallow bit was a perfect chance to do so. Jordan’s first attempt was close but unsuccessful. That didn’t stop the crowd from shrieking at the top of their lungs. The folks in Dallas LOVE their homegrown Jordan Spieth. Next up was Michael Greller who swung perfectly at the ball sending the marshmallow gently into the air where he could have easily caught it, had he not been racing off resembling some crazy person. Everyone roared with laughter and he was a great sport telling us he couldn’t see the marshmallow. No kidding Michael, you had your head down running off like someone was chasing you with a pitchfork.

Jordan’s Friend and Caddy Michael Greller

At this point, the organizers told the crowd they were sorry but it was time for Jordan to go. His time commitments for the week were pretty substantial so even having a few minutes to come and host the youth clinic was much appreciated by everyone connected with the AT&T Byron Nelson Tournament. Much to the crowds delight, and honestly, mine as well, Jordan said, “No, we have time for one more try.” What are they going to do, tell Jordan Spieth no?? I don’t think so! Me? Yes. Jordan? Not a chance.

So I teed up another marshmallow and Jordan begins to describe how he’s going to take a different approach. Asking me if I thought it was smart to run under the descending projectile, lay on the ground and catch it in his mouth. “What do you think Dan, could that work?” I think I may have been a bit sarcastic when I told him yes, sure, that might work. All I knew was Jordan Spieth, Masters Champion, had asked me for advice!! How cool is that?

Well, the young stud pulled it off flawlessly. He did exactly as he described. And yes, the crowd went NUTS! What made it even better was Jordan tried to jump right up and when he did he lost his balance and fell over backward onto the ground before somersaulting up onto his feet.

My pals at GOTV Entertainment were there to capture the show.  When Jordan popped up he was met by our producer, editor, camera operator and all around great guy Dan Lafferty telling him to show us the Marshmallow.

24 hours later the video clip had been posted and shown on every news organization in America. If you type ‘Jordan Spieth Marshmallow’ into Google you’ll get 10+ pages of sites showing the video.

One of my friends texted me and said he saw me on, ‘The Five“, a Fox News program. THE FIVE? Really? Why?  The Today Show, Good Morning America, Yahoo! And there it was, on and on and on.

Great exposure for sure right? Maybe not.

From a marketing standpoint, it would have been sorta nice to be associated with the 100 kajillion views. But, that’s not how it unfolded. No worries here, I was on to my next outing 24 hours later in Orange County California. There we were putting marshmallows on golf balls and trying to catch them with our pie holes. No one did. Maybe they should have watched the video of Jordan’s sure-fire technique.

Here you see my very first victim, Alex Hines with TAMKO. He was a great sport and his unbelievable catch garnered applause second only to a Super Bowl game but no 800,000 views on for this little gem…sorry, Alex.