Welcome to my inaugural blog. I have been blessed with far more ability to hit golf shots than to create structurally sound, coherent sentences. Should there be some bogies with the pen, please know I am working to get my writing handicap down. The goal here is to capture some of the wilder moments from a life spent traveling to 30+ states every year performing golf shows. My very own version of Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motorcade. Nobody under 50 will have any idea what the crap that is.

I was privileged again this year to spend another great week in Augusta during the Masters. We spent our time with Cox Automotive hosting top clients in our very own golf paradise. It wasn’t quite as nice as Augusta National but men and women fresh from spectating on the course were able to compete through a series of real golf shots as well as some crazy trick shots, challenging players on every level.

There’s nothing like a bunch of silly grown men with a drink in one hand and a sand wedge in the other hitting golf balls at a bunch of home-made targets. As you would imagine, screams were louder as we progressed later into the night. I think the ‘aiming fluid’ had something to do with that.

As the week progressed the real golfers at Augusta were chasing Jordan Spieth while our players were chasing +2 handicapper David Palmer. I’ve played with David on numerous occasions and he is really, really good. Did I mention he is good? A talented athlete, David has dominated our skills challenge both years. He is fun to watch handle all the different shots with skill and ease.

Daily winners were awarded prizes donated by ProQuipUSA, TaylorMade Golf, and Maui Jim Sunglasses. They were all gracious to send incredible products for us to use, and for that, I am thankful.

You try and hit a one foot driver!


No this isn’t Jim McMahon



David Palmer on the left even stands like a +2 handicapper


Give a man a wedge a drink and something to hit at and all is good!


Sweet Victory


The marshmallow challenge long before Jordan Spieth